Static Seals

Topog-E® Series 180

Topog-E® Series 180 moulded rubber gaskets have been used successfully around the world for over 40 years (mostly under their previous designation of Topog-E® steam gaskets). 

They are manufactured by the Topog-E® Gasket Company of Oklahoma, USA, using its own specially formulated elastomeric compound.

The full range of Topog-E® Series 180 moulded gaskets is supplied throughout Europe through James Walker's companies and official distributor network.

Typical applications
Gaskets for handholes and manholes on pressure vessels of all types, including: boilers, hot water vessels, steam humidifiers and cookers, refrigeration plant, mixing tanks, compressed air tanks, water purifiers, water softeners, and water towers.

Prime features

  • Cost-effective sealing device for inspection openings on many industrial industrial pressure vessels and tanks.
  • Conforms to the topography of mating surfaces.
  • Withstands a boiler's full, continuous and cycling operating pressures.
  • Withstands continuous exposure to water treatment chemicals.
  • Simple to install, and to remove without chiseling or buffing.

Capabilities and service life

  • Steam pressure vessels: typical maximum operating pressure of 12bar and saturated steam temperature of 193°C, for an average service life of one year.
  • Other applications (eg, condensate, water and air vessels): these gaskets are sometimes used at pressures above 14bar where temperatures are modest - eg, below 121C.
  • Under less severe conditions (eg, water at ambient temperatues), these gaskets can provide a very long service life.
  • Please refer to our Technical Support Team before exceeding any of the above quoted pressure/temperature combinations.

Chemical compatibility

  • Excellent resistance to steam, and hot and cold water.
  • Good resistance to alcohols, ketones, phosphate esters, silicone oils/greases, dilute acids, bases, salts, glycols, ammonia, selected refrigerants, and animal and vegetable fats.
  • Water treatment chemicals, used in accordance with supplier's guidelines, should not have any significant effect on the service life of properly installed Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets.
  • These gaskets should not be directly exposed to aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, or petroleum-based fuels, oils or lubricants.

How supplied
Moulded gaskets are available in 350 stock sizes and shapes. Custom shapes, sizes and sheet materials sre available on request.