Static Seals

Casing & Tubing Hanger Packers

We produce a wide range of hanger packers for casing or production tubing, and these vary considerably in design.

They generally comprise a square or rectangular section profile that is compressed axially in a housing to generate radial sealing force against the casing or tubing.

Special features
Our range of hanger packers covers:

  • Dual/multiple tubing designs in both split and endless form.
  • Compact wellhead types incorporate robust anti-extrusion elements.
  • Sliding seal rings.
  • 'Trash' seals and retainer cups/support rings.
  • High temperature, high pressure annulus seals.

Materials & construction
James Walker's packers may be of homogenous elastomer, or can incorporate reinforcement in the form of rubberised fabric, woven metal mesh, or solid metal end caps to resist extrusion. Each type of construction has been fully developed and rigorously tested.

How supplied
Various designs and sizes to suit specific applications and operating conditions.

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