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Devlon® A153

Devlon® A153 is a specially formulated high-viscosity grade of Nylon 66 with superior wear characteristcs. It is yellow in colour.

With its improved impact strength and rigidity, this material offers customers a high degree of design reliability when component strength, weight and size are critical.

In addition, Devlon® A153 has a significantly lower coefficient of linear expansion than normal Nylon 66, which enables customers' components to maintain their dimensional tolerances and clearances more accurately during thermal cycling. This benefit is backed by a long-term service temperature of 100°C, which is significantly higher than that for normal Nylon 66. 

Typical applications
This material is well proven in a wide range of industrial applications, including journal bearings, thrust washers, bearing cages, rollers/wheels, piston seals and wear pads. 

Typical properties of Devlon® A153

Tensile strength @ +23°C (+73°F):
82.74MPa (12000psi) - ASTM D638
Hardness to Shore D (Rockwell R): 80/85 (112/120) - ASTM D785
Flexural strength: 82.37MPa (11946psi) - ASTM D790
Deformation under load for 24 hours - 140kgf/cm² @ +23°C (1991lb/in² @ +73°C): 1.0/3.0% - ASTM D621
Modulus of elasticity: 2746MPa (398274psi) - ASTM 638

Linear thermal expansion coefficient @ +30-100°C (+86-212°F):
0.7 x 10-4 mm/mm/°C (0.39 x 10-4 in/in/°F) - ASTM E831
Melt point: +260°C (+500°F) - ASTM D3418
Deflection temperature under load @ 1.82MPa (264psi): +100°C (+212°F) - ASTM D648
Deflection temperature under load @ 0.445MPa (66psi): +190°C (+374°F) - ASTM D648
Service temperature (short term): +170°C (+338°F) - ASTM D570
Service temperature (long term): +100°C (+212°F) - ASTM D570

Dielectric strength: >12kV/mm (>305kV/inch) - ASTM D149
Specific gravity: 1.14 - ASTM D792
Water absorption @ 24 hours: 0.6%/1.5% - ASTM D570
Flammability: Self-extinguishing - ASTM UL94

How supplied
Custom-designed and precision-manufactured components to meet customers' precise specifications.       

For additional information please visit the Devol website

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