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Devol 6GF30

Devol® 6GF30 is a cast Nylon 6 material containing 30 per cent glass fibre filler by volume. The filler reinforcement provides the the material with outstanding creep resistance, greater structural strength and dimensional stability.    

Typical application
This material is frequently used by the offshore sector as an internal buckle arrestor in pipe-in-pipe systems. It is also popular as support inserts for water stops in pipelines. On agricultural and construction plant it is used for highly loaded bushes that support a slow pivoting action.

Typical properties of Devol 6GF30

  • Tensile strength @ +23°C (+73°F): 180MPa (26107psi) - ASTM D638
  • Hardness to Shore D (Rockwell R): 84 (118) - ASTM D785
  • Modulus of elasticity: 9500MPa (1377861psi) - ASTM 638
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient @ +30-100°C (+86-212°F): 0.25 x 10-4 mm/mm/°C (0.139 x 10-4 in/in/°F) - ASTM E831
  • Melt point: +220°C (+428°F) - ASTM D3418
  • Deflection temperature under load @ 1.82MPa (264psi): +210°C (+410°F) - ASTM D648
  • Deflection temperature under load @ 0.445MPa (66psi): +220°C (+428°F) - ASTM D648
  • Service temperature (short term): +180°C (+356°F) - ASTM D570
  • Service temperature range (long term): -30°C to +120°C (-22°F to +248°F) - ASTM D570
  • Dielectric strength: 25kV/mm (635kV/inch) - ASTM D149
  • Specific gravity: 1.35 - ASTM D792
  • Water absorption @ 24 hours: 0.1% - ASTM D570
  • Water absorption @ saturation: 1.5/2.0% - ASTM D570
  • Flammability: Burn rate HB - ASTM UL94

How it is supplied
Custom-designed and precision-manufactured components to meet customers' precise specifications.

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