Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Teadit 24B

Teadit 24BTeadit 24B is a gasket tape made by Teadit International from mono-axially expanded virgin PTFE, and supplied with an adhesive backing. It is physiologically harmless, has no smell or taste, and is neither contaminating or toxic. It is white in colour.

Excellent thermal and chemical resistance enables it to be used in a wide variety of static applications in nearly every industry sector.

The exceptional malleability of expanded PTFE can compensate for out-of-parallel and/or damaged sealing faces. This allows use with stress-sensitive connections where only a limited flange load is available, such as with plastic or glass flanges.

Typical applications
Sealing flanges on pipes, pump housings, compressors, hand-holes, manholes, air ducts, compensators, heat exchangers, etc.

Prime features

  • Quick and simple installation: adhesive backing strip makes installation easier.
  • Reduces downtime: immediately available, no cutting or punching of gasket necessary.
  • Reduces stockholding: a few spools of different sizes cover most applications within a plant.
  • Reduces waste: a gasket on a spool with no off-cuts.
  • Chemically resistant to most medias in the range pH 0-14. Exceptions include molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressure.


  • TA-Luft to VDI 2440.
  • Conforms to FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 (PTFE tape).
  • Conforms to FDA 21 CFR 175.105 (adhesive).
  • BAM approved for applications with gaseous oxygen at operating conditions up to 10 MPa/100 bar and 100˚C.

Service capabilities

  • Operating temperature (maximum): +260°C, with short excursions up to +310°C.
  • Operating temperature (minimum): -240°C.
  • Pressure range: Vacuum up to 20MPa/200bar.

How it is supplied
In 13 tape widths from 1 mm (round) to 40 mm (flat), and thicknesses of 1 mm (round) to 5 mm (flat). Supplied on spools containing 5 m to 50 m depending on width and thickness. 1 mm (round) size does not have adhesive backing.