Hydraulic Sealing Products

Composite seals for special duties

In addition to our standard ranges of Lionsele G and Lionsele P,  we regularly custom-design and manufacture hard-wearing, compact composite seals to work to specific operational parameters on our customers' hydraulic and pneumatic plant. These can be piston or rod/gland seals.

Most of these seals comprise a sleeve of PTFE - such as our hardwearing Fluolion XT - that is supported and energised by an elastomeric element.

The energiser is designed to distribute an even load to the PTFE sleeve, to maximise the sealing efficiency of the system and minimise leakage.

In operation, there is an intimate face-to-face contact for effective sealing, and the sleeve is securely restrained to prevent it rocking or twisting in the housing. This enables stable fluid film conditions to be maintained with consistently low friction values.

Special features

  • Low dynamic and breakout friction for smooth operation with reduced power consumption.
  • Compact designs to suit simple recess grooves.
  • Elastomeric energiser stabilises the PTFE element during operation to provide optimum fluid conditions and extended sealing life.
  • Minimal wear.

Typical applications
Duties where instant response and low power consumption are required, and unstable fluid film conditions must be avoided. Examples include: actuators, servomechanisms, machine tools, measuring instruments, gauge control equipment, and construction plant.

Typical operating capabilities

  • Maximum operating pressure: 40 MPa (5802 psi).
  • Temperature range: -25°C to +120°C (-13°F to +248°F). Highly extended temperature limits are achievable using our specially formulated high performance elastomers.
  • Maximum surface speed: 5.0 m/s (984 fpm).

Materials of construction
PTFE sleeve: Fluolion (virgin PTFE); Fluolion XT; or numerous other grades of filled Fluolion. Between them, these offer ranges of chemical compatibility, low-friction capability and wear/abrasion resistance to suit virtually any relevant hydraulic or pneumatic applications.

Energiser: We have a full complement of elastomer grades to suit specific operating conditions. These range from medium nitrile (HNB) for standard duties, to hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), butyl (IIR), or fluoroelastomer (FKM) for high temperature operations.

How supplied
These seals are custom designed and manufactured to meet customers' specific operating parameters.


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