Hydraulic Sealing Products

Comflex® Fabric Reinforced Bellows

These heavy-duty bellows are based on tough elastomer-proofed fabrics. They feature a totally vulcanised construction that provides a particularly rugged product suitable for protecting hydraulic rams operating in aggressive industrial environments.

During construction, various layers of elastomer-proofed fabric are preformed prior to the vulcanising process. By using this technique, we avoid the weaknesses that are inherent in bellows which are fabricated in separate pieces then joined by stitching or other mechanical means.

Special features

  • Protect exposed metal surfaces from abrasive matter and other contaminants in dynamic applications.
  • Withstand rapid motion and heavy vibration.
  • Materials and designs are available to suit many different industrial environments.
  • Split configurations can be supplied for ease of maintenance.

Typical applications
Comflex® Reinforced Fabric Bellows are very well proven as heavy-duty protectors in many different industries worldwide. They are particularly favoured as protectors for hydraulic rams in the aggressive environments of steelworks and power generation plant.

Examples include:

  • Forging and extrusion presses.
  • Raw materials handling plant.
  • Discharge rams.
  • Hydraulic compactors.
  • Pulverised fuel mills
  • Rolling mills.

Materials of construction
Full range of base fabrics and elastomers is available to suit different mechanical, chemical and temperature conditions.

How supplied
Bellows design, open/close ratios, stroke length, convolution width, split or endless configuration, materials, etc, are selected to suit the specific application.

These bellows are supplied circular, oval, rectangular, and in any other reasonable cross section. Sizes from 38mm (1.5 inch) ID upwards, without upper limit.

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