Rotary Seals

Walkersele D8

Walkersele D8 joined our range of radial lip seals following extensive sea trials on working vessels to prove its trouble-free operational life, backed by in-house dynamic testing to extreme levels. It is also recommended for industrial duties where pressure is slightly higher than our Walkersele® D6 can accommodate, but lip flexibility is needed to follow the eccentricity of a shaft.

Typical applications

  • Marine propulsion units.
  • Azimuth thrusters and large diameter swivel units.
  • Stern gland seals.
  • Flooded gearboxes.
  • Process equipment - on-shore as well as offshore and marine.

Special features

  • New lip geometry of D8 withstands higher pressure differentials than our D6 design, with lower lip loading than our D7 design.
  • Operates at up to 150 kPa pressure differential. The base of the seal must be supported for pressures greater than 20 kPa.
  • Accommodates shaft eccentricity of 3.0mm TIR (typical maximum) dependent on shaft diameter and speed. Note that a modified retaining plate and/or lip support plate may be needed when shaft eccentricty occurs: please consult our Technical Support Team.
  • The robust design of the Walkersele D8 lip has been validated on marine applications where typical operating conditions have included vibration and shock loads.
  • Fabric-backed (retained) versions can be supplied as split-types and as Walkersele OSJ-2 for On-Site Joining.


  • We recommend that D8 be manufactured in our M11 nitrile-based material for marine duties. This material is resistant to marine industry media, and is suitable for housings with retaining plates. 

Service capabilities

Pressure differential (maximum): 150 kPa/1.5 bar (21.75 psi). Base of the seal must be fully supported for pressures greater than 20 kPa/0.2 bar (3 psi).

Shaft eccentricity accommodated (typical maximum): 3.0mm TIR - dependent on shaft diameter and speed.

Rotary shaft speeds (typical maximum):

  • Walkersele M1/D8: 15m/s.
  • Walkersele M9/D8: 25m/s.
  • Walkersele M11/D8: 15m/s. 

How supplied
We are currently building a library of mould tools for D8 sizes. Please contact us for mould availability. If we have a suitable tool, your seal can be supplied on short delivery times. New tools are swiftly made in-house. Cartridge seals can be custom-designed and manufactured.

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