Static Seals

Kalrez® 0090 RGD resistant perfluoroelastomer

In addition to providing outstanding RGD resistance, DuPontTM Kalrez® 0090 has other properties that ensure superior performance in harsh oil and gas environments.

  • Chemical resistance: Critical seal parts withstand attack by more than 1800 chemical substances.
  • Broad temperature capability: Kalrez® 0090 retains high levels of resilience up to temperatures as high as 250 °C (482 °F). It can seal down to –21 °C (–5.8 °F) based on the DuPontTM static low temperature test. Under pressurized sealing conditions, Kalrez® 0090 has demonstrated low temperature performance down to –40 °C (–40 °F) in customer laboratory tests.
  • High modulus at low elongation provides excellent extrusion resistance.

Kalrez® authorised distributor
James Walker is the authorised distributor in the UK, Ireland and France for the supply and technical support of sealing and fluid handling parts made by DuPont from its many Kalrez® grades.

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