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Oxygen - essential for life yet so dangerous, posing huge potential risk when utilised in industrial processes. To ensure the safety of plant and personnel, extreme caution is required to ensure that all systems used for handling oxygen are correctly specified, designed, manufactured and maintained because the smallest error at any stage can prove catastrophic.

Oxygen ServiceAlthough oxygen itself does not burn, it supports combustion. The more oxygen present in a system the greater the risk of fire occurring and the lower the temperature at which ignition will occur until, in its purest form, it can cause the rapid or spontaneous combustion of most materials - even metals.

Oxygen bonds with all elements in the process known as oxidation. If this process occurs rapidly fire can result. It is therefore essential that materials which will oxidise rapidly are not present in oxygen processing systems. Contaminants such as oils and greases - these could be anything from lubricants to simple residue contamination from handling components with bare hands are very capable of reacting with oxygen to cause fire and potentially an explosion.

In addition to ensuring cleanliness when working on oxygen handling systems all components, including sealing products such as compression packings, must also conform to the same levels of cleanliness - containing no potentially reactive lubricants or materials.

Supagraf OX® is specifically designed to provide safe operation in duties involving liquid and gaseous oxygen. It is BAM certified for such use and the material from which it is manufactured conforms to Shell MESC SPE 85/204. The product is also listed in the Shell MESC 77/303 specification by name and is therefore exempt from the Solvent Extraction Production Test and Oxidation Production Test - saving valve manufacturers from the cost and time necessary to carry out such testing.

From yarn to finished product, manufacturing takes place under clean room conditions before being dispatched to the customer in double sealed packaging to ensure it reaches the point of use in a clean condition. Assuming that the product is then correctly handled and installed - (see US standard CGA G-4.1-2009 Cleaning equipment for oxygen service, 6th edition) Supagraf OX will provide safe, low emission stem sealing of valves in service with liquid or gaseous oxygen.

Supagraf OX
Supagraf OXSupagraf OX is developed specifically for valve services with gaseous and liquid oxygen, to provide safe operation and low emission rates. This valve stem packing is manufactured in a clean room environment, from yarn to finished product. It comprises high purity flexible graphite yarn treated with oxidation inhibitors. The yarns are individually reinforced with Inconel® 600 wire mesh.

  • Oxygen service capabilities as stated in BAM report 16028840 E
  • Conforms to Shell material specification MESC SPE 85/204

Typical applications are valves handling gaseous or liquid oxygen. For applications involving media other than oxygen. It is NOT suitable for use with control valves where fine adjustment is required, as this is a dry product that does not contain a lubricant package.

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