Critical Metallic Sealing


Our highly skilled workforce has a breadth of experience in the precision machining of critical metallic sealing components.

Critical Metallic SealingBacked by the latest technology and an ongoing commitment to training and development, our team has an unrivalled expertise in the machining of complex, thin-walled seals in a range of high specification alloys and titanium for use as primary barriers in high pressure applications.

These profiles are achieved time and again, reliably and repeatedly to the required concentricity thanks to our in-depth understanding of materials and machining processes.

All of our materials are fully certified and sourced from customer approved, specialist suppliers and we offer total confidence throughout the manufacturing process with rigorous inspection programmes and documentation.

Our long term working relationships with key OEMs coupled with our in-house expertise makes us a trusted partner for critical metallic seals and components.

Critical Metallic Sealing

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