Expansion Joints and Bellows

Comflex® Chimney Seals

When temperatures within chimneys fall below dew point the internal surface can be exposed to very corrosive condensate.  As a result the internal surface must be constructed from materials that can withstand this chemical attack.

The internals of both brick and metallic chimneys can take many forms.  The smooth exterior wall of a chimney can hide many a complicated configuration within.

As in many fields of engineering, seals within chimneys have changed and developed with the advancement of materials and the ever increasing demand required of seals.

Chimney seals must provide the same corrosive resistance as the inside of the chimney yet remain flexible and offer resistance to abrasion.  To meet this demanding criteria, James Walker Townson offers the ultimate chimney seals made from either fluoroelastomer or fluoroplastics materials.  

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