Rotary Seals

Walkersele X-Gen

New innovative seal design, specifically developed in collaboration with bearing and turbine OEMs for large diameter shaft and bearing sealing in the wind industry.

Elastomers - Oil and Gas

Radial lip seals have been successfully used since the 1940’s to seal lubricated systems, but today's new generations of wind turbines present significant challenges.

Increased size means an increase in the loads generated throughout the equipment and more stress being imposed on virtually every component in the system, particularly on rotating and transmission components.

Faced with these challenges, James Walker examined every element of the large diameter lip seals required for the wind industry to see what could be done to meet current and future needs. Nothing was off-limits.

The result of this comprehensive re-engineering process is Walkersele X-Gen, a new innovative rubber/glass fibre composite construction with new lip geometry suited to the sealing of grease media and an engineered finger spring moulded into the seal body to ensure constant seal contact even when extreme eccentric running is encountered.

Elastomers - Oil and Gas

Key benefits:

  • Easy and quick to install - no special tools or expertise required.
  • Optimised lip load to reduce torque, temperature and wear.
  • Finger spring design delivers the optimum lip load consistently for all large shaft sizes and makes installation simpler than other spring options.
  • Validated to run without leakage at dynamic radial eccentricities of up to ±3.0 mm at surface speeds of 2 m/s.
  • Use of circumferentially encapsulated glass fibres as reinforcement, an innovative concept which offers superior compression recovery and consistent long term rotation resistance versus conventional materials.
  • New lip geometry optimised for grease sealing.
  • Available in endless or James Walker's OSJ On-Site Joining format.
  • High durability hydrogenated nitrile sealing lip material, with exceptional mechanical properties, abrasion resistance and a wide thermal operating range.
  • Lip designed to ensure the seal remains within the seal housing envelope at even the most extreme offset conditions.
  • Long term fatigue testing shows consistent response even at high speed, ensuring the sealing lip remains in contact with the sealing surface at all times.

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