Biopharma Insight

For manufacturers using continuous processing for the mass production of vaccines, it is critical to be able to guarantee line efficiency and reliability and eliminate any risk of batch contamination, goals that can be achieved through using high-performance sealing materials with traceable, verified purity.

Biopharma Insight

The seal is a small component in a large and multi-faceted process, yet the complexity of selecting a sealing material for biopharmaceutical processes should not be underestimated. To optimise processes and remove risk of external contamination, there are a number of factors that must be looked at, and it is crucial for these to be considered in their entirety.

To ensure the stringent requirements and standards placed on manufacturers can be achieved, our technical team has produced a series of articles looking at the main areas for consideration when choosing a sealing solution. 

James Walker has a number of products and materials designed specifically for the biopharmaceutical industry, offering total traceability backed by unrivalled testing facilities and applications expertise.

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