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Nuclear Power

Nuclear PowerWe develop the highest integrity products, supplying special materials and products as well as expert advice. Our quality system is third-party certified ISO 9001 and AS/EN 9100.

We maintain awareness of the latest product and quality requirements through our team of industry specialists in liaison with operators and design authorities. Our ability to work to industry, national and international standards enables us to achieve the operational safety for plant, equipment and personnel.

Products and services of specific benefit include...

  • Fuel Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Waste Processing
  • Transportation and Storage


Containing over 30 products, this range includes certified fugitive emission control packings, as well as grades for general use and specific applications on valves, rotary and reciprocating pumps, shaft sealing on rotary equipment and for static sealing duties such as furnace doors. Our Lionpak range complements the original James Walker range to meet more specifically the technical and commercial expectations in different industrial and geographical markets.

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Fuel Processing

Fuel Processing

Specialised and custom-developed products are provided for critical applications where safety is paramount.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Our expertise covers standard and customised sealing systems, plus products and materials for both active and inactive areas.

Waste Processing

Waste Processing

Our sealing products in nuclear grade materials are used extensively in the handling and processing of waste.

Transportation and Storage


Safety is essential, plus reliability and longevity under specific environmental conditions, especially for waste storage.

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