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Welcome to the latest chapter in James Walker history – a dedicated UK sales and customer support business that will ultimately deliver the entire James Walker product range to UK customers through a single point of contact.

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Our aim is to provide the ultimate in customer service and support through our field sales teams and dedicated, industry focused teams based in our operational headquarters at Crewe with streamlined logistics, a consistent pricing policy and the wider availability of quality assurance and technical support.

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Our sales teams are fully aligned to the James Walker industry focused approach, placing personnel with relevant industry expertise in direct contact with each customer. Through this channel every customer will also have access to the technical expertise of product managers, applications engineers and materials specialists in any one of our manufacturing centres of excellence.

Representing all technologies from the James Walker sealing products and services business allows us to offer a broader range of solutions to our customers; leveraging the world class expertise and experience of our manufacturing businesses in materials development, seal design, bolting technology and plastics and metal machining.

The model for James Walker UK has been carefully developed around key customer requirements identified through the James Walker annual customer satisfaction survey. The company has run this survey since 2006 and the new investment plans represent one of many significant improvements in service provision that have been implemented as a result of customer feedback received.

The latest Customer Satisfaction Survey Report is now available for download
Customer satisfaction survey

Tel:+44 (0)1270 536000    Fax:+44 (0)1270 536 100     Email: sales.uk@jameswalker.biz