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Custom kammprofile 'strainer' gasket


It was discovered that internal parts in a vertical tower risked flowing up to a safety control valve and preventing it operating. A solution was needed within a short lead time as a permanent fix would take a much more lengthy plant shutdown.


ASME standard pipeline at entry to safety critical valve.

Existing solution

Standard semi-metallic gasket.

James Walker solution

James Walker used their expertise in gasket manufacturing to design a kammprofile gasket strainer made as one piece and installed it safely in the tower top outlet / vertical piping through a very quick plant shutdown. The strainer prevents passage of the tower internals and thus allowed time to carefully plan the proper corrective action to the tower in the next suitable major turnaround.

Results and benefits

Integrated strainer gasket is not a permanent solution, but the fast design and supply of a gasket allowed the platform to operate while planning the required design change, in the customer’s own words, "10K USD solution (material and manpower) vs potential loss of millions."

Avoiding any unplanned shutdowns
No product lost to flaring
Safety valve no longer compromised
Gas retained in system for conversion to profit
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