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Hydrogen Technology Expo 2023

Returning to Bremen with our sealing solutions for the energy transition.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

James Walker is pleased to be returning to the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen later this month.

In 2022 we showcased our range of H2 ready sealing solutions and as standardised evaluating, testing and approving for components and materials for use with hydrogen is still to be established, we will once again be happy to talk to customers about the products and services we can supply.

Industry recognises that a number of technical and economic challenges need to be overcome before hydrogen can be fully realised as a major contributor to reducing global carbon emissions. Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe is a solutions-driven forum that will discuss the development of new technologies to overcome these technical challenges and propel hydrogen into the mainstream for stationary and mobile applications.

The event brings together the entire supply chain to discuss everything from technologies and solutions for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage, transport and infrastructure, as well as advanced design, testing and development, manufacturing solutions and advanced materials for hydrogen fuel cells.

At James Walker, we’re more than H2 ready now, we have proven and tested solutions for critical sealing in hydrogen service as well as other clean power technologies.

Hydrogen service
James Walker has taken the initiative in undertaking a programme of product and material validation. The objective is to give customers confidence that specific products or materials are suitable for hydrogen service, and that any such selection can be supported with evidence from relevant testing.

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Solar power
Focused on the development and validation of solutions to combat extremely aggressive media and very high operating temperatures, we are helping to support customers in this sector by providing effective sealing options for pumps and valves operating molten salt media in heat storage and transfer of thermal solar power generation. Key aims are to assist in minimising unscheduled downtime, enhancing plant efficiency and improving on-site safety.

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Carbon capture and storage
Transportation and storage of carbon dioxide can present a number risks and technical challenges. These include variations in system temperature, elevated pressures and significant volume changes.

Sealing components exposed to these extreme environments need to be tested and proven to operate in difficult conditions, with product and material selection supported by test data and proven field experience. James Walker has conducted testing with 100% CO2 across a number of materials to ensure that the products offered can cater for the most demanding applications in CCUS service.

Hydrogen Technology Europe Expo is at Messe Bremen on 27th and 28th September. If you are planning to attend, please come and visit us as part of the UK / EIC pavilion - Stand 5E50.

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