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Bi‑O‑Lion® technical report

This report provides details of compatibility testing carried out on Bi‑O‑Lion elastomer material in use for marine applications with environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs).

This technical report covers the methodology and results of immersion and dynamic testing of our Bi-O-Lion fluoroelastomer for use with Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants in marine propulsion applications.

Dynamic testing was carried out over at least 1,000 hours, both in EAL and in a seawater / EAL mixture, to provide more realistic operating conditions.

Our research on the use of EALs with James Walker seals and materials continues, using the methods and parameters laid out in this document, and we continue to develop materials to meet the changing requirements of the marine market.

The number of EALs on the market continues to grow so our compatibility testing programme will continue and our results will be published regularly on the James Walker website.

If a specific oil is not currently included in our results and you would like it to be tested, please ask your EAL supplier to contact us.


Bi-O-Lion technical report

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