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Elast‑O‑Lion®985 datasheet

Elast‑O‑Lion 985 is a general purpose hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) with superior mechanical properties, outstanding abrasion resistance and excellent low temperature capability confirmed down to ‑55°C (‑67°F) in product configured testing.

This general purpose hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) offers superior mechanical properties and excellent low temperature capability. Elast-O-Lion 985 is one of James Walker’s original range of elastomer materials designed specifically for extreme applications in the oil and gas industry. Well-proven and specified by many OEMs and end users, Elast-O-Lion 985 has provided industry-leading performance for over 30 years.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Maximum and minimum temperature capabilities
  • Summary of material characteristics
  • Graphical overview of material performance characteristics
  • Industry approvals
  • Results of Norsok M-710 sour and RGD testing

For details of the full range of high performance elastomer materials for oil and gas industry applications, download our Materials Guide.


Elast-O-Lion 985 datasheet

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