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H2 proven sealing solutions

Materials and products that have been third party tested and validated by James Walker for use in hydrogen service.

Customers around the world rely on James Walker to help keep their valves operating efficiently and safely day-in and day-out.

We have an extensive range of world-class products and services which meet or exceed the required international standards in reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) fugitive emissions from valves, pipelines, processing plant and pressure vessels.

James Walker’s commitment to constantly advancing materials technology, product design and manufacturing techniques is now focused on safely sealing the manufacture, processing and transportation of hydrogen.

Downloading this guide explains the testing we have carried out to help us determine a product or material’s suitability for use in hydrogen service and provides details of the gasket and compression packing products, engineered plastic and elastomer materials we have validated as a result of our hydrogen test programme.


H2 proven sealing solutions

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Supagraf H2

Supagraf H2 is a high performance, unique combination, valve stem packing set designed specifically for fugitive emissions use in hydrogen service.

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Supagraf H2

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