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Hydraulic sealing guide

Our ranges of proven products for hydraulic equipment designed for applications ranging from delicate instruments and control actuators right up to the heaviest forging and extrusion presses.

We use the term 'hydraulic sealing products' to describe the wide variety of devices used to assist and perform the sealing function in all types of hydraulic and associated equipment that help to provide dynamic reciprocating, oscillating or very slow rotational motion.

The product ranges covered in this publication include:

  • Rod/gland seals - to seal around the reciprocating rod or ram
  • Piston seals - to seal between the reciprocating piston and cylinder bore
  • Wipers, scrapers or protector bellows - where the ingress of external contaminants such as dust, dirt or water must be eliminated
  • Bearing strips - to provide support to the piston or ram under lateral loads

Downloading this product guide provides the following product information:

  • Product features
  • Typical applications
  • Media capabilities
  • Product performance parameters
  • Housing and seal dimension information
  • Information on how each product is supplied

Hydraulic sealing guide

English pdf (7 MB) Download
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