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Insolion flange isolation kits

Corrosion‑resistant and maintenance‑free flange isolation and protection

James Walker has successfully optimised the material specification and design of each component that makes up its Insolion range to produce isolation gasket kits with the widest possible performance envelope.

This product guide outlines the basic characteristics and application parameters of the various design configurations available for our range of flange isolation kits in addition to providing background information on how the products work and the issues they overcome for the end user. Test results, approval certificates and safety datasheets are available on request.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Product design and material configurations
  • Material selection
  • Temperature and pressure performance for each different variant
  • Gasket style options
  • Industry certifications and approvals
  • Comparison charts for the different gasket options

Insolion flange isolation kits

English pdf (15 MB) Download
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