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KlickFix® product guide

This product guide provides detail of the method of operation and performance parameters of our KlickFix sequentially deployed, multi‑lip sealing cartridge for pump shafts.

KlickFix is a new alternative to mechanical seals and compression packings that removes the need for large volumes of flush water that can be required by mechanical seals and replacing the risk of sudden catastrophic failure with controlled, predictable performance. The KlickFix system also eliminates potential shaft wear and the need for the continual adjustment and tightening associated with compression packings.

The multiple sealing lips, which are a feature of the KlickFix system, are safely stored until required and then can be rapidly deployed, preventing leakage and bringing pumps back into service with minimal process interruption. KlickFix can be refurbished on-site in a matter of minutes and has the potential to significantly out-perform traditional mechanical seals and compression packings.

Downloading this guide provides the following product information:

  • Details of construction and components in the cartridge
  • Explanation of how the sequential deployment of sealing lips works
  • Case studies demonstrating the success of KlickFix in instances where other options had failed
  • Key benefits of using KlickFix for pump shaft sealing
  • Operational parameters for KlickFix cartridges
  • Details of the measurements and information required for quotation preparation

KlickFix® product guide

English pdf (7 MB) Download
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