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Lionpak® 2201 datasheet

Dimensionally stable PTFE packing for chemical processing.

Lionpak 2201 is a dimensionally stable PTFE packing for chemical processing. It is a duplex braided packing of pure PTFE yarns and contains James Walker’s proprietary break-in lubricant and a PTFE dispersion.

Lionpak 2201 is non-toxic and inert to protect the purity and safety of fluid media and dimensional stability ensures trouble-free operational life with reduced maintenance costs.

This packing is designed for use in valves as well as in pump applications including centrifugal pumps and rotary equipment and reciprocating pumps and rams.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Maximum and minimum temperature capabilities
  • Maximum system pressures
  • Maximum shaft speeds
  • Prime features
  • Chemical properties
  • How the product is supplied

For details of our full range of compression packings, download our compression packing guide.


Lionpak 2201 datasheet

English pdf (440 KB) Download
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