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Materials for use in nuclear applications

Shieldseal materials are James Walker's proprietary materials specifically designed to resist ionising radiation. In addition to our own compounds we have a long history of expertise in processing industry standard materials and customer specific materials such as EPDM 30H.

The Shieldseal materials guide for nuclear applications includes detail of our prime material for such duties - Shieldseal 663 - a highly-developed EPDM-based elastomer of nominal 80 IRHD for moulded components such as O-rings.

This material has been subjected to extensive radiation/ageing testing to replicate a 40-year lifespan through independent third party testing which demonstrated that Shieldseal 663 significantly outperforms existing industry standard materials.

This product guide offers the following detail:

  • Shieldseal material variants
  • Temperature capabilities
  • Mechanical properties
  • Third party test results

Shieldseal® elastomers for nuclear applications

English pdf (4 MB) Download
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