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TorrLid® 162B datasheet

TorrLid 162B is a specialised product designed as a vacuum seal for aluminium crucible lids. This datasheet provides the basic characteristics and performance parameters of TorrLid 162B.

TorrLid 162B is a specially designed compression packing developed specifically as a lid seal to hold a vacuum within crucibles of molten aluminium.

TorrLid 162B features a resilient hollow-centred core of ethylene-propylene elastomer, over-braided with a jacket of filament glass yarns. The exterior surface is coated with a layer of red-coloured silicone rubber.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Maximum working temperature
  • Pressure range
  • Product features
  • How the product is supplied

For details of our full range of compression packings, download our compression packing guide.


TorrLid 162B datasheet

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