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Unilion® guide

Spring energised seals offering the high‑performance answer to fluid sealing problems where conventional products fail to give the integrity or reliability required.

We offer a full range of Unilion precision-engineered spring energised sealing products that meet the following parameters:

  • Used successfully on applications at up to 103 MPa/20000 psi
  • Cryogenic duties down to -260°C
  • Temperature excursions up to +350°C
  • Resistance to corrosive media
  • Efficient dynamic operation following long stationary periods

Downloading this guide provides the following information:

  • Seal jacket materials
  • Seal spring materials
  • Unilion seal diameter details
  • Seal technical details
  • Unilion standard profiles
  • Unilion back-up rings
  • Hardware design
  • Fitting guides
  • Ordering / specification guides
  • General information

Unilion guide

English pdf (6 MB) Download
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Unilion guide

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