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Walkersele® X‑Gen D10 DL datasheet

This datasheet provides performance and usage details for our latest large diameter Walkersele X‑Gen D10 DL elastomeric rotary lip seal, specifically designed for large diameter wind turbine shaft sealing duties.

Walkersele X-Gen is the next generation of our well proven family of radial lip seal products for rotating shafts and rotary plant of all types. This particular datasheet provides details regarding the D10 DL profile, which has been specifically designed to incorporate an anti-contamination lip within the seal profile to provide protection to the bearing against the ingress of environmental contaminants.

Downloading this datasheet provides the following product information:

  • Details of material options available
  • Typical applications for this radial lip seal profile design
  • Key features of the Walkersele X-Gen D10 DL profile design
  • Operational parameters for the various material options

Walkersele X‑Gen D10 DL datasheet

English pdf (300 KB) Download
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