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Supagraf® 100FXI CS

An ultra‑low emission combination valve stem packing set based on class‑leading graphite products and additive technology

  • Control valves
  • Fugitive emissions

Supagraf 100FXI CS is the first packing qualified to API 622, Annex C (HT), 2022 and ensures ultra-low emissions performance even at high temperatures combined with zero corrosion and virtually zero friction.

End rings: Braided high purity packing made from expanded graphite inconel wire mesh jacketed yarn for high strength and extrusion resistance with excellent sealability. The packing is impregnated with a high temperature resistant, proprietary emulsion to ensure extremely low friction. These rings conform to Shell material specification MESC SPE 85/204.

Intermediate rings: Special moulded rings of high purity graphite foil, that offer low friction and excellent heat transfer characteristics, plus high efficiency sealing. These rings conform to Shell material specification MESC SPE 85/203.

• First packing qualified to API 622, Annex C (HT) 2022 requirement - Yarmouth Research and Technology, USA.
• Unrivalled low emissions: 10 to 12 ppm maximum leakage across the size over 1510 cycles with no adjustments.
• Certified Fire Safe to API 607 8th edition with zero leakage during and after fire.
• Zero corrosion in both ambient and high temperature operation under API 622 testing.
• Ultra-low friction even at high endurance. (Tested friction factor: 0.1)
• All materials are PFAS surfactant free.
• Extremely low oxidation loss.

  • Stop valves and control valves performing arduous duties with media such as hydrocarbon liquid fuels and gases
  • VOC fugitive emission control applications requiring performance to 100 ppm or better, with a maximum working temperature of up to +538°C (+1000°F)

  • Maximum operating temperature: +538°C (+1000°F)
  • Minimum operating temperature: -196°C (-320°F)
  • Maximum system pressure: 30 MPa/300 bar (4350 psi)

  • Compatible with media in the range of pH 0-14 excluding strong oxidising agents.

  • As precision moulded rings in endless form or with single split, to meet customers’ requirements
  • Sections: 3 mm to 40 mm (1/8" to 19/16"). Diameters: 5 mm to 500 mm (3/16" to 19 3/4") ID

  • Shell MESC SPE 85/203
  • Shell MESC SPE 85/204
  • Shell MESC 77/312
  • API 624 2nd edition Annex-D (HT)
  • API 641 2nd edition Annex-C (HT)
  • API 622 3rd edition Annex C (HT)
  • API 607 8th edition Fire Safe
  • ISO 15848-FE-AH-CO1-SSA0-t (RT to 400°C)
  • ISO 15848-FE-AH-CO2-SSA1-t (RT to 400°C)
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