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Supagraf® Premier

Our world‑beating fugitive emission control packing for valves, third party tested to all known industry standards.

  • Fugitive emissions
  • Oil & Gas
  • Valves

Supagraf Premier is manufactured in exfoliated high purity 98% graphite, reinforced in a novel way to provide additional strength and resistance to pressure and extrusion. It incorporates an advanced lubricant system that prevents the pick-up of graphite on valve stems and produces exceptional performance, 10.5 ppmV average emission level in API 622 2nd edition test with no adjustments.

  • Third party verified emission control performance
  • Suitable for both rotary as well as rising-stem applications
  • Low friction performance without graphite pick-up reducing the torque needed for efficient valve action
  • Fire safe capability confirmed by third-party certification according to API 607 Edition 4 Fire Safety

Supagraf Premier is designed for harsh operating conditions where fugitive emissions from all types of valves need to be reduced to well below 50 ppm. This packing is well proven and widely used in systems handling fluid media such as hydrocarbon liquid fuels, gases including CO2, lubricating oils, and processing chemicals.

Valve stem sealing duties:

  • Maximum operating temperature in oxidising conditions: +450°C (+842°F)
  • Minimum operating temperature: -200°C (-328°F)
  • Maximum system pressure: 25 MPa/250 bar (3626 psi) - consult us for advice on use at higher pressures
  • Certified pressure in BSM valve: 69 MPa/690 bar (10000 psi)

  • All popular square sections from 3 mm (1/8") upwards in boxes containing 8 m (26' 3"),in coil form or on spools as detailed in the product datasheet
  • Also supplied as split preformed rings and sets
  • Non-standard square or rectangular sections made to order
  • Please refer to the product datasheet for spool ordering information

  • ISO 15848-1 Class AH
  • API 622 2nd Edition
  • TA Luft / VDI 2440 Rev. 07.2002
  • Shell MESC SPE 85/204
  • Shell specification SPE 77/312 Class A
  • Shell specification SPE 77/312 Class B
  • API 607 Edition 4 Fire Safety
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