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Tankatite® 880 Super

Compression packing designed for use in static and mobile tank containers.

  • Tank lids

Tankatite 880 Super is a compression packing that is primarily used in static and mobile tank containers.Tankatite 880 Super is a clean, length-form packing manufactured from an inert reinforced polypropylene yarn, impregnated with PTFE and an inert resin to provide a non-stick surface. It contains a resilient elastomeric core for improved performance.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Equivalent performance to moulded rubber seals
  • Easy to cut and fit in small section lid recesses
  • Excellent sealing capability on repeated opening/closing cycles
  • Controls emission levels from tanks
  • Protects tank contents from external contamination
  • Withstands arduous cleaning systems

  • Seals for lids and fittings on tank containers for road, rail or static use, that contain chemicals, petroleum products or foodstuffs
  • Also for lids and fittings on dedicated tanks that handle aggressive cargoes under an inert gas blanket
  • It readily replaces moulded rubber sealing components and low cost packings

Static duties on tank lids

  • Maximum operating temperature: +120°C (+248°F)
  • Minimum operating temperature: -50°C (-58°F)
  • Maximum tank pressure: 200 kPa/2 bar (29 psi)

Compatible with media in the range of pH 0-14. Totally compatible with a full range of cargoes, including chemicals, petroleum products and foodstuffs.

As coil-form packing and endless rings, in sections to fit popular lid recess dimensions.

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