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Elast‑O‑Lion® 101

High performance elastomer for applications requiring resistance to sour media and rapid gas decompression events.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Valves

An excellent cost-effective general purpose hydrogenated nitrile material (HNBR) providing excellent resistance to rapid gas decompression and abrasion.

Elast-O-Lion 101 is a first generation material developed over 35 years ago and still regarded as a benchmark material for many critical oil and gas applications.

  • Low temperature: sealing capability confirmed down to -33°C (-27°F) in product configured testing
  • TR10 -20°C (-4°F)
  • T70 -23°C (-9°F)
  • High temperature: continuous +160°C (+320°F)

  • Norsok M-710 Annex A ISO 23936-2 ‘sour’
  • Norsok M-710 Annex B ISO 23936-2
  • Total GS EP PVV 154/156

Norsok M-710 Annex B ISO 23936-2

  • ‘0000’ rating at +100°C 6.99 mm / 150 bar / 90% CH4 10% CO2 / 8 cycles
  • ‘0000’ rating at +100°C 5.33 mm / 150 bar / 90% CH4 10% CO2 / 8 cycles
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