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Tubing and casing seals for surface wellheads.

  • Wellheads

James Walker’s FS Casing and Tubing Seal has been specially developed by experts in high performance elastomer seal technology for arduous duties where there are large clearances between mating parts of wellhead and associated assemblies.

FS seals have been validated in accordance with API requirements for use on surface wellhead-to-casing systems. The single-piece seal can be installed quickly with no secondary packing injection ports required. FS seals are the preferred solution to replace multi-piece seal arrangements that require injection of plastic packing.

The combination of design, materials and construction ensures that high-performance FS units retain their sealing integrity under adverse conditions, including:

  • Stab-in operations
  • Wide ranges of temperature and pressure
  • Chemically aggressive and highly abrasive oilfield media

HNBR elastomers: Elast-O-Lion 101 or Elast-O-Lion 985. These grades are well proven for toughness, wear resistance, rapid gas decompression resistance and broad temperature capability.

Elast-O-Lion 101 is a robust, rapid gas decompression resistant material.

Elast-O-Lion 985 is proven for use in very low temperature applications whilst offering excellent mechanical properties associated with HNBR elastomers.

Precision moulded in rapid gas decompression resistant hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) elastomers, with anti-extrusion capability provided by two toroidal springs mould-bonded into the outer edges of the primary sealing face.

Standard material for the toroidal anti-extrusion springs is stainless steel, but a nickel-based alloy is also available.

FS seals are system pressure energised and designed to accommodate the OD tolerances and surface finish of API 5CT casing and tubing. The stab-in end of the casing needs just simple hand-ground chamfered end preparation before insertion.

These seals offer reductions in installation time without the need for separate pack-off operations. Their flexibility, combined with the benefits of securely mould-bonded springs, helps to simplify the fitting operation and ensure correct location in housings.

FS casing and tubing seals can be retrofitted to many conventional P-seal housings with minor modifications to the ports.

API FS seals are designed to be used on API 5CT casing and tubing and have been validated by a number of customers in this application under a variety of different operational conditions.

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