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Devlon® ROV buckets

Devlon ROV buckets, manufactured in Devlon V‑API, provide docking, torque reaction, alignment and socket mating for ROV deployed rotary tools and connectors.

We have been serving high performance engineered thermoplastics to the oil and gas industry for over 30 years, with our Devlon materials light-weight for ease of handling and installation and offering long operational life and reduced maintenance requirements in many applications.

ROV buckets are commonly fitted in applications including:

  • Valve panels on subsea equipment such as trees, manifolds, control modules and templates
  • Subsea jumpers and connectors
  • Valves for actuation
  • Surface and torque verification units

We manufacture two main Class 4 bucket designs as standard, with a variety of mounting configurations available. Alternatively, we can also assist in the design, manufacture and testing of customer-specific requirements.

To fully appreciate the significant weight saving opportunities offered by Devlon ROV buckets, check out this case study. In addition, the following table compares the weight of our standard square-faced design manufactured in Devlon V-API with the most common metal alternatives:

GR43 steel Titanium Aluminium Devlon V-API
Weight in air (kg) 30.5 17.6 10.97 4.46
Weight in sea water (kg) 26.5 13.6 6.97 0.46

  • Weight reduction - ease of assembly
  • Cost competitive
  • Low maintenance through zero corrosion and reduced risk of damage
  • Minimises marine growth
  • No welding or coating certification required
  • Qualified and tested to a design life of 30 years
  • Fully recyclable and offering a lower carbon footprint than a metallic equivalent part

  • DNV validated test procedures
  • Material properties and bucket designs conform to the BS EN ISO 13628-8:2006 standard

As part of our rigorous product development programme, our two standard bucket designs were tested to BS EN ISO 13628-8:2006 (incorporating elements from API-17D and API-17H).


  • Capability to operate at over 3 times the required torque in relation to BS EN ISO 13628-8:2006
  • Operating temperature in line with BS EN ISO 13628-8:2006 (15°C to +45°C)
  • Qualified design life of 30 years
  • Proven to withstand ROV FLOT impacts
  • Imparting experience in successfully achieving fugitive emissions
  • Specifications in many valve manufacturers’ products

The following tests were carried out in line with BS EN ISO 13628-8:2006:

  • Torsion
  • Hot torsion
  • Cold torsion
  • Drop impact

In addition, James Walker also carried out:

  • Pullout
  • Cyclic torsion
  • Torsion failure

In addition to manufacturing a range of associated ROV products to standard or custom designs, we also offer development, testing and manufacture of bespoke components and sub-assemblies to customer specifications. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dummy stabs
  • Handles
  • Stab plates
  • Nose cone and guides
  • Protective covers - including debris caps and transit covers
  • Impact panels
  • Parking stands
  • Engineered sub-assemblies
  • Other receptacles
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