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Walkersele® D8

Radial lip seal ideally suited to marine propulsion sealing duties.

  • General industry
  • Marine

The D8 Walkersele has a specialised design that balances flexibility and pressure capability in order to achieve a seal that is highly suited to marine propulsion applications where there could be a pressure differential of up to 150 kPa / 1.5 bar (22 psi).

  • Withstands higher pressures whilst achieving lower lip loading
  • Operates at up to 150 kPa pressure differential when the sealing lip's heel feature is supported
  • No need for costly profiled lip-support plates
  • Robust lip maintains sealing contact on shafts suffering slight misalignment or eccentricity
  • Validated on marine duties where operating conditions have included shock and vibration
  • Fabric-backed or glass-backed retained versions can be supplied in Walkersele OSJ-2 format for on-site joining to radically reduce seal change-out costs and downtime

  • Marine propulsion units - propeller shaft bearings
  • Azimuth thrusters - swivel bearings
  • Large diameter swivels
  • Stern gland seals
  • Flooded gearboxes
  • General industrial duties involving moderate differential pressures

  • Mineral and synthetic oils
  • Environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs)
  • Water
  • Mineral and synthetic greases

  • Temperature: -30°C to +200°C (-22°F to +392°F) dependent on material choice
  • Pressure: pressure differential of up to 150 kPa / 1.5 bar (22 psi)
  • Surface speed: 25 m/s (4922 fpm) dependent on material choice
  • Please contact us for operating conditions outside these parameters
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