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Walkersele® OSJ

Radial lip seal joining method for on‑site joining without the requirement for equipment strip‑down.

  • Rotary equipment

Walkersele OSJ offers the best of both worlds, combining the ease and maintenance economies of split seal assembly with the fluid sealing performance of an endless seal.

The many user benefits of Walkersele OSJ include:

  • Cost effective maintenance - the performance and integrity of an endless-type seal is achieved
    • without major plant stripdown
    • without expensive on-site vulcanising
    • without the need for specialist tools
    • without the need for specially trained fitters

To explore Walkersele OSJ-D, click on the interactive points on the image below.

Where reasonable access can be gained to the shaft and housing the original OSJ-2 system is the ideal option for on-site seal replacement.

Key features:

  • Precision cut joining faces drilled for locating pegs and adapted for the joining process
  • Custom moulded silicone jig provides precise alignment of seal ends
  • Secure hold and accurate alignment during fitting procedure with twin-peg locating system
  • Shaft sizes 60 mm to 1500 mm (please contact us for advice on larger sizes)


  • Walkersele OSJ-2 is supplied in all Walkersele designs that incorporate seal backs moulded from rubberised fabric
  • The relevant profiles include our three leading designs, D6, D7 and D8

We offer a full fitting service for Walkersele OSJ-2 or can train your own engineers to fit these seals. For customers fitting their own, a fitting guide is available.

Where access to the shaft and housing is restricted for whatever reason, we have developed the alternative OSJ-D fitting option.

Although the basic principles involved in the joining of the seal ends remain the same, a number of innovations have been made around the jig and clamping tool.

The new clamping blocks allow the seal to be successfully joined without being supported on a shaft. They hold the seal ends in place whilst bonding takes place where the use of the metal clamping band being applied around the outside of the seal to pull the seal together is not possible due to lack of access.

This new adaptation of the OSJ method allows the seal to be joined and then manoeuvred into its housing even in cases where access may only be available through small inspection or access hatches.

  • New OSJ-D clamping tool is available across a range of seal sizes / options including our latest generation of large diameter wind turbine shaft seals Walkersele X-Gen D10
  • Individual seals are supplied with a custom silicone jig for precise location during the joining process
  • Seals provided with twin-peg locating system, offering accurate joint positioning
  • The clamping system and tool kit can be used for multiple installations of the same size of seal

We offer a full fitting service for Walkersele OSJ-D or can train your own engineers to fit these seals. For customers fitting their own, a fitting guide is available.

  • Our Applications Engineering Team will advise you on the suitability of Walkersele OSJ and fitting options for any specific shaft sealing application
  • We have the capability to offer a detailed on-site survey through our field engineering teams to help assess and ensure that any access, shaft, bearing or housing irregularities are taken into account when specifying your replacement seals
  • Our detailed order and manufacturing records, plus the capability of laser marking for product identification, simplify the task of re-ordering seals for existing applications

As with any seal, correct fitting is essential if the seal is to operate correctly and provide a full and reliable lifespan.

The OSJ fitting process is simple and although it can be carried out by your own maintenance and engineering personnel, James Walker is able to offer support if required, including:

  • Emergency or scheduled maintenance
  • Fully skilled engineers with extensive experience of rotary sealing applications
  • Experienced in a broad range of applications including marine propulsion, wind energy and hydropower industries

  • Although OSJ can be fitted without the need for specialist skills or tooling, successful application of the OSJ technique relies on careful adherence to all stages of the joining process - as laid down in the detailed fitting instructions supplied with each kit
  • We recommend that first-time users attend one of our hands-on training sessions that can be carried out at your premises, in the field or at one of our sites
  • The James Walker training course provides an initial certification of competence which can then be maintained through regular refresher courses or supervision in the field by a James Walker engineer
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