Product & Services

Fuel Combustion Systems

Coal, gas, oil or waste fired plant, our expertise and products enable us to meet the sealing demands of combustion systems of all types.

Rotary air heaters (coal-fired plant)

Expansion joints

  • Comflex® expansion joints with PTFE membrane are used for cold end hood seals, and Comflex® HT/XA expansion joints for hot end hood seals.

Air heater soot blowers (coal-fired plant)


  • For lances, we supply cut gaskets in Supagraf Tanged T10 and a full range of metallic gaskets.

Burners (coal, gas, oil & waste-fired plant)


  • We recommend cut gaskets in Supagraf Tanged T10, as well as Metaflex® spiral wound gaskets and a full range of metallic gaskets.


  • Supplied in Du Pont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer.

Fans & hot air ducting (CCGT; coal, gas, oil & waste-fired plant)

Hydraulic seals

  • For actuators we provide a full family of sealing products including Chevron®/Shallex® and Solosele® ranges, plus O-rings and back-up rings.

Duct expansion joints

  • We recommend our Comflex® expansion joints and bellows.


  • We regularly provide cut gaskets in Centurion® and Supagraf Tanged T10, as well as length form glass/ceramic ropes and tapes.

Rotary seals

  • On coal-fired plant, our Walkersele® OSJ radial seals are simple to install without dismantling the plant.

Wind box (coal-fired plant)

Internal bellows

  • From our Comflex® range.