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Keeping people safe

In today's working world it is unacceptable that anyone's health or safety should be put at risk as they go about their job.

Safety is a crucial part of our work. Whether on a customer site, on the factory floor, out on the road or in the office. All year round, the world over, our mission is to protect every single employee, supplier, customer and visitor in our aim to achieve zero accidents.

We aim to help all our colleagues to understand the importance of maintaining a safe working environment and demonstrate how they can play their part in making that happen.

We want to ensure that health surveillance is performed across all appropriate sites, it’s importance understood by our people and that metrics are monitored and acted upon by senior management. All manufacturing and large service centres will gain accreditation to ISO 45001 and any revisions to these standards will be implemented at pace as they are released.

We understand that in order to be successful, we must develop a culture of identifying and eliminating risks to health and safety anywhere within our business - preventing accidents before they can happen. That is why we will not stop at ensuring physical safety, we will strive to educate all of our colleagues in how to take care of general wellbeing and mental health.

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