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Protecting the planet

Our products are designed to protect people and the environment.

In creating and delivering our products we must set an example by minimising our impact and protecting the environment to the best of our ability.

We recognise that we must operate ethically and continue to improve our environmental practices and culture in order to protect the environment, all stakeholders associated with our business and the communities where we work.

As a business we have aligned our aims with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are working with the following in mind:

  • 7: Affordable and clean energy
  • 12: Responsible consumption and production
  • 13: Climate action

Some of our main aims and objectives are summarised below:

We will develop a waste reduction strategy to cut the volume of waste across the business from factory floor to shipping, travel and administrational tasks.

Following the idea that ‘prevention is better than cure’, we can easily save energy and reduce waste and our carbon footprint simply by making sure we get things right the first time we do them. Right first time is an achievable activity that reduces our environmental impact.

In protecting and cleaning-up our planet, no step should be considered too small - we can all make a difference. Simple actions such as walking or cycling to work instead of using a car; recycling packaging or cutting out unnecessary printing of documents are all simple changes we can make on an individual level but which really begin to add up to a meaningful effect when done across our business.

With over 1,800 of us working for the James Walker Group worldwide, all those marginal gains will make a difference and help protect the planet for future generations.

All our sites will be looking to source energy from ‘green’ suppliers in addition to looking at opportunities to install alternative energy sources. Increasing the percentage of our total energy consumption that comes from renewable sources and investing in our own renewable energy generation at our larger manufacturing sites is a priority for us as a business.

Our goal in the next three years is to reducing our CO2 emissions from 46 to 39 tonnes per £1 million of sales - a year-on-year reduction of 5% (the carbon equivalent of around 12 London - New York return flights).

We recognise that we must all work together to achieve our goal of reducing our environmental impact and helping to protect our planet, therefore we are increasing the percentage of our global employee base that has received and has access to environmental awareness training.

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