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Business Unit Dedicated Development in Executive Skills.

As a business we are committed to the learning and development of our people. To develop the competence, capability and confidence of leaders in our business in order to encourage a culture of continual improvement, diversification and collaboration across all functions is key to our future success.

The James Walker Group Business Unit Dedicated Development in Executive Skills Programme (BUDDIES) is specifically designed for leaders who have reached a position where they are responsible for business leadership rather than just operational management issues.

These may be those who: (a) could develop to Director level; (b) are at that level and have further development potential; or (c) need broader business experience. These leaders are responsible for interpreting and implementing James Walker Group's strategy. This strategic responsibility requires a transition from a 'specialist' to a 'business' leader and, in some cases, an adoption of a wider profile across our Group of companies.

The Programme consists of three residential modules and associated coursework. It is challenging and thought-provoking, placing a high demand on participant time and effort. The critical and reflective nature of the BUDDIES Programme, along with its level of academic underpinning, enables the Programme to carry credits towards a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership.

From the Group's perspective, the aims of the programme are to:

  • Create proactive business leaders instilled with a greater breadth of business understanding, of both our business and the competitive environments in which we operate
  • Build personal competence in areas of business development including marketing, internal capability, business finance and change leadership
  • Gain a commitment from participating leaders to continuing professional development
  • Enhance the contribution of participating leaders, thereby delivering tangible benefits to the Group

This is a residential programme that consists of a number of individual sessions grouped around themes of understanding the drivers of strategic change, aligning business decision making, and delivering and embedding change. Although delivered consecutively, the aim is to develop an intuitive understanding of the integrative nature of business leadership.

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