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Oil and Gas

James Walker is a leading supplier of fluid sealing and related items to the world's oil and gas producers. For almost 50 years we have worked closely with the industry's design engineers and operators to develop and manufacture new materials, seals and other products for duties in the highly aggressive environments encountered.

From exploration and production in the wildest offshore and harshest arctic conditions, to on-shore terminals and desert pipelines, James Walker has products and services that help improve operational efficiency.

Oil and GasRelevant products and services include...

Rapid Gas DecompressionRapid Gas Decompression (RGD)

We have a wide range of elastomer materials for sealing duties in the oil and gas industry that have been specifically formulated to withstand rapid gas decompression. Many of these materials are qualified to Norsok M-710 / ISO 23936-2 for RGD resistance and sour gas ageing as well as individual specification requirements of end users.

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High Performance Specification Grade ElastomersHigh Performance Seals

These products form the core of our oil and gas industry ranges.

Our high pressure sealing components range from O-Rings in a vast range of materials, to special ranges developed for dynamic or static duties on down-hole, wellhead, surface equipment, valves, pipelines and riser systems.

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API Ring JointsAPI Ring Joints

Manufacted in the UK by API-licensee James Walker Moorflex, these metal seals conform to both ASME and API standards.

Products include R, RX and BX ring joints, as well as lens, convex, wedge, double-cone and weld ring metal gaskets.

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Critical Metallic SealingCritical Metallic Sealing

Dedicated to the precision manufacturing of high-performance metallic components for use in industry’s most demanding applications.

Our machine shop specialises in the high-precision machining of geometrically complex components in exotic alloys.

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Engineering PlasticsEngineering Plastics

Our Devlon® materials are amongst the toughest and hardest-wearing thermoplastics - ideal for manufacturing components such as valve seats, ROV buckets, pipe centralisers, riser and umbilical clamps . By monomer casting and machining to exacting specifications, we produce complex components from 10mm to over 2500mm OD, and weighing up to 1000kg.

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Bolting TechnologyTension Control Bolting

RotaBolt® stud and bolt tension monitoring systems are accurate to ±5%. These are used across all industry sectors where the failure of a bolted system could have serious health and safety, environmental or financial consequences. RotaBolt tension control is recommended for structural, mechanical and flange tightening applications.

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Flange ManagementFlange Management

James Walker companies supply industry worldwide with professional flange management and joint integrity programmes and services that go well beyond the accepted norms in terms of professional advice and planning, quality of on-site and off-site workmanship, standards of safety and care and customer satisfaction from initial survey to completion and beyond.

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Compression PackingsCompression Packing

Our constant advances in materials and lubricants, product design and manufacturing techniques, keep us at the forefront of compression packing technology.

We therefore bring you one of the widest ranges of packings to match the temperatures, pressures and speeds of your most modern fluid handling systems, and economical packings for your older plant.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

Comflex® expansion joints cover all duties and temperatures from -60°C to well over +500°C. Applications include gas turbine exhausts, hot air ducts, fans, boiler side walls and exhaust gas ducts. Our flexible bellows protect components from abrasive environments and retain lubricants on duties ranging from hydraulic rams to machine slides, and valve stems to screw threads on precision equipment.

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Vibration-Attenuation ProductsVibration-Attenuation Products

Vibration attenuation products are an essential part of any dynamic system in an industrial or marine environment.

Our range includes highly developed and proven pipe supports and machinery mounting products - all of which provide safe and sure support plus isolation from shock, noise and vibration.

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