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Marine Transportation

Our products are globally recognised by marine engineers for their quality and reliability - a position the James Walker name and Lion logo have fostered in the marine industry since the 1880s.

Today we manufacture and supply a highly diverse range of fluid sealing items and other specialised products to the world's commercial and naval fleets, as well as to shipyards and OEMs. For customers' convenience, we maintain a library of charts that give details of James Walker items against OEM part numbers for numerous separators, compressors and diesels.

We also work closely with design engineers of marine equipment to develop sealing products that can be used with confidence in all areas of maritime activity - and have a distribution network that covers virtually every major port across the world.

Marine TransportationRelevant products and services include...

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Gaskets and Sheet JointingsFlange Gaskets and Sheet Jointings

Our precision cut gaskets and sheet jointings are extensively used during shipbuilding and on-board plant maintenance.

Our sheet jointings cover almost all fluid handling requirements. Grades include our universal Chieftain®, high performance Centurion®, general purpose Sentinel® and the reliable economically-priced Inca.

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Metallic Gaskets and Ring JointsMetallic Gaskets

Metakamm® Kammprofile and Metaflex® spiral wound gaskets are widely used on marine pressure vessels and pipelines where the the temperature, pressure, flow rates or vibration are beyond the capability of conventional jointing materials.

They are well proven on steam, hydraulic and heat exhanger plant.

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Compression PackingsCompression Packing

Our extensive range of compression packings covers every marine gland-sealing duty - from centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and valves to rudder posts and stern glands. As well as highly-advanced synthetic fibre packings for pump duties or or steam valve service, we also manufacture a more traditional marine packing.

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Tank Lid SealsTank Lid Seals

Tankatite® 440 tank lid packing provides reliable and efficient sealing for main tank hatch lids, cleaning and ullage hatches, on tankers carrying bulk liquid cargoes in all IMO classes. Tankatite® 660 is specifically designed for tank lids covering heated cargoes such as molten bitumen. Our Tankatite® 880 Super has been specifically developed for lids and fittings on tank containers.

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Radial Lip SealsRadial Lip Seals

Stabilisers, bow thrusters, stern glands, shaft bearings and distribution boxes are all highly successful marine applications for our Walkersele® range of rotary lip seals. Using our patented Walkersele OSJ-2 (On-Site Joining) technique, seals are maintenance-fitted without stripping down the housing. This can save days of dry docking for a busy vessel - without compromising seal efficiency.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

Our Comfle® composite expansion joints and ranges of flexible bellows are widely used for marine duties.

Typical applications include air intakes, gas turbine exhausts, diesel ventilation systems, cooling ducts, and protectors for hydraulic rams.

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Pipe Support ProductsPipe Support Products

Tico® Pipe Grips and Clip Strips will mount and support pipework at up to 300°C - they dampen vibration, allow for thermal movement and provide galvanic insulation.

These products are specified for offshore exploration, production and storage vessels - as well as for conventional marine duties.

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Flooring and Decking ProductsSafety Flooring Products

The Treadmaster® range of tough anti-slip deck coverings is used on marine vessels of every class and size - from sailing craft and lifeboats to ferries, liners, bulk carriers and tankers.

Specific grades of this cork-elastomer product are recommended for exposed decks, engine rooms or heavily used passenger areas.

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Maintenance of Mechanical SealsMaintenance of Mechanical Seals

Teams of engineers at our workshops refurbish mechanical seals, pumps and valves to good-as-new condition for marine operators. If an item cannot be refurbished a new unit is offered. Classification society certificates are supplied on request.

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