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Engineering and Manufacturing

Whatever the field of engineering or manufacturing operations you are involved with, James Walker has ranges of products and services that solve static and dynamic fluid sealing problems, reduce plant downtime, improve operator safety and enhance environmental efficiency.

Our constant programmes of research and development have perfected new materials and provided the latest generations of high technology fluid sealing products. They exceed the expectations of design engineers, plant operators and maintenance staff throughout industry today.

We can also custom-manufacture components and assemblies in engineering plastics, high performance elastomers and many other materials on your behalf.

EngineeringRelevant products and services include...

Hydraulic Sealing ProductsHydraulic Sealing Products

Our family of hydraulic sealing products covers virtually every hydraulic application. Ranges of rod/gland seals, piston seals, wipers and bearing strips suit the most accurate instruments and control actuators up to the heaviest extrusion and forging presses, jacks and cylinders. All these products are designed and proven to give optimum equipment performance with long trouble-free operating life.

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We stock many thousands of types and sizes of O-Rings in our most popular materials for immediate delivery. We precision mould O-Rings in over 100 general and high performance elastomers, and are also authorised distributor in the UK, France and Ireland for DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer O-Rings and other fluid handling parts manufactured by DuPont. In addition, our commercial grade O-Rings, O-Ring cord and O-Ring kits are suitable for duties where our top grade products are unnecessary.

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Gaskets and Sheet JointingsCut Gaskets and Jointings

We produce precision cut gaskets to any shape, size or quantity from any sheet material using CAD/CAM abrasive waterjet cutters or laser cutters.

Our jointings include a full range of top value compressed fibre grades. Gaskets from all these materials are used worldwide for OEM and plant maintenance applications.

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Metallic Gaskets and Ring JointsMetallic Gaskets and Ring Joints

Metakamm Kammprofile type gaskets and Metaflex® spiral wound are widely specified where temperatures, pressures, flow rates and vibration are beyond the capability of conventional flange jointings.

Likewise, our Moorside® API and ASME ring joints solve flange jointing problems with high pressure/temperature pipework.

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Compression PackingsCompression Packing

Our vast range of compression packings caters for all known operating conditions with valves, rotary and reciprocating pumps and similar plant. Exfoliated graphite packings, such as Supagraf® Control and Premier packings are proven for fugitive emission control in valves. In addition, many of our multi-service packings, are renown for long trouble-free operation in pumps and valves handling steam, fuel oils, process water and highly abrasive fluid media.

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Radial Lip SealsRotary Lip Seals

The Walkersele® family of radial lip seals provides customers with a vast combination of lip profiles, materials and construction to protect bearing assemblies on rotating shafts and rotary plant. We mould Walkerseles from 10mm up to unlimited diameter. Using our patented Walkersele OSJ-2 on-site joining technique, the seals can be fitted without plant stripdown.

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High Performance Specification Grade ElastomersHigh Performance Elastomers

We constantly develop and exploit new high performance elastomers that have improved resistance to chemical attack, abrasion or extremes of temperature/pressure.

These materials are supplied as precision moulded components, extrusions, sheeting or rubber-to-metal bonded parts for our customers to use within their own assemblies.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

Comflex® expansion joints cover all duties and temperatures from -60°C to well over +500°C. Applications include gas turbine exhausts, hot air ducts, fans, boiler side walls and exhaust gas ducts. Our flexible bellows protect components from abrasive environments and retain lubricants on duties ranging from hydraulic rams to machine slides, and valve stems to screw threads on precision equipment.

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Pipe Support ProductsPipe Support Products

Tico® Pipe Grips and Clip Strip will mount and support pipework at up to 300°C - they dampen vibration, allow for thermal movement and provide galvanic insulation.

Tico Slide Bearings allow movement with stable support for mechanical systems and pipework.

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Anti-Vibration Machinery MountsAnti-Vibration Machinery Mounts

Our highly developed machinery mounting pads provide safe and sure support for presses, machine tools and other plant, plus isolation from shock, noise and vibration. By bonding pads to the floor, customers can avoid mechanical fixings and retain layout flexibility.

The Adjustamount® system also allows plant height, gradient or level to be precision adjusted.

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Flooring and Decking ProductsSafety Flooring Products

Treadmaster® safety flooring products provide comfortable, slip-resistant surfaces for industrial environments.

These products are widely used for catwalks, machine and assembly shops, plant rooms and works offices, as well as public areas.

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Tension Control BoltingBolting Technology

RotaBolt® stud and bolt tension monitoring systems are accurate to ±5%. These are used across all industry sectors where the failure of a bolted system could have serious health and safety, environmental or financial consequences.

RotaBolt® Load indicating fasteners are recommended for structural, mechanical and flange tightening applications.

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Plant Maintenance and RefurbishmentPlant Maintenance

On-site maintenance and workshop-based refurbishment of valves, pumps, hydraulic systems and other plant is a key service we provide. Skilled craftsmen at our dedicated workshops use the best equipment, materials and components for these projects, and all plant items are tested and certified before re-installation. Our on-site staff are fully experienced and hold safety passports.

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