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ConstructionOur long-term expertise in materials technology, tribology, acoustics and vibration has given us well proven capability with highly specialised products and services for structural and civil engineering applications.

Some products have standard off-the-shelf availability, whereas others are custom-designed and manufactured for specific projects.

High Integrity Structural BearingsHigh Integrity Structural Bearings

Tico® structural bearings provide a maintenance-free resilient barrier for the isolation of structures from ground borne noise and vibration.

Our range covers working stresses of 0.04MN/m² for low frequency isolation of recording studios, etc, up to 7.0MN/m² for heavy-duty pile caps.

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Sliding BearingsSliding Bearings

Tico® Bondslip low-friction sliding bearings will accommodate large lateral movements in structures, particularly when associated with high vertical loads.

These PTFE/nylon faced bearings provide a long maintenance-free life with excellent resistance to wear, weathering and chemicals.

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Vibration-Attenuation ProductsVibration-Attenuation Products

Tiflex® Acoustic Barriers effectively attenate the transmission of noise and vibration between the floors of multi-occupancy buildings.

We have three grades that meet UK Building Regulations Document E, providing maximum performance at minimum thickness.

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Flooring and Decking ProductsFlooring and Decking Products

We are one of the leading suppliers of specialist cork-elastomer floor coverings.

Our range of Treadmaster® safety flooring products provide comfortable, slip-resistant surfaces for public and commercial buildings and industrial environments, as well as for public transport systems and marine decking.

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Tunnel Boring Machine SealsTunnel Boring Machine Seals

Exceedingly robust Walkersele® TBMS radial lip seals are designed to protect the cutting head bearings of tunnel boring machines. These seals are well proven on many successful tunneling projects, including the Channel Tunnel (7.8m diameter) and the Airport Link Railway, Sydney (11m diameter).

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