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Paper, Pulp and Board

We have developed many fluid sealing products that meet the specific needs of the paper, pulp and board industries. These have special characteristics such as excellent resistance to highly abrasive media, hot and highly caustic slurries, and non-contaminating qualities for fine paper production.

Paper, Pulp and BoardOther products suited to the Paper, Pulp and Board industry include...

Radial Lip SealsRadial Lip Seals

This range of rotary seals is exceptionally well proven for bearing protection in abrasive and chemically aggressive environments. Our Walkersele® Aflas is specifically developed to withstand the rigours of chemical pulping lines, and Walkersele Ultraglide provides highly extended sealing life when working at high speeds and temperatures in abrasive environments. In addition, many designs can be supplied in our patented Walkersele OSJ-2 form for convenient On-Site Joining.

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Compression PackingsCompression Packing

We manufacture a wide range of compression packing for pumps, valves, agitators, mixers and refiners. Those recommended for long-term duties in the paper, pulp and board sector. Between them, these offer outstanding abrasion and chemical resistance - with some products recommended for their non-contamination of media in fine paper production.

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Gaskets and Sheet JointingsCut Gaskets and Jointings

We produce precision cut gaskets to any shape, size or quantity from any sheet material using CAD/CAM abrasive waterjet cutters or laser cutters.

Our jointings include a full range of top value compressed fibre grades. Gaskets from all these materials are used worldwide for OEM and plant maintenance applications.

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Hydraulic Sealing ProductsHydraulic sealing products

Our family of hydraulic sealing products covers virtually every hydraulic application. Ranges of rod/gland seals, piston seals, wipers and bearing strips suit the most accurate instruments and control actuators up the heaviest jacks, cylinders and presses. All these products are designed and proven to give optimum equipment performance with long trouble-free operating life.

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We stock many thousands of types and sizes of O-Rings in our most popular materials for immediate delivery. We precision mould O-Rings in over 100 general and high performance elastomers, and are also authorised distributor in the UK, France and Ireland for DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer O-Rings and other fluid handling parts manufactured by DuPont. In addition, our commercial grade O-Rings, O-Ring cord and O-Ring kits are suitable for duties where our top grade products are unnecessary.

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Vibration-Attenuation ProductsVibration-Attenuation Products

Anti-vibration products are an essential part of any dynamic system in an industrial environment.

Our range includes highly developed and proven pipe supports and machinery mounting products - all of which provide safe and sure support plus isolation from shock, noise and vibration.

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Flooring and Decking ProductsSafety Flooring Products

Treadmaster® safety flooring products provide comfortable, slip-resistant surfaces for industrial environments.

These products are widely used for catwalks, machine and assembly shops, plant rooms and works offices, as well as public areas.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

We provide the complete engineered solution to ductwork expansion problems.

Comflex® expansion joints cover all duties and temperatures -60°C to well over +500°C.

Our flexible bellows protect components from abrasive environments and retain lubricants on duties ranging from hydraulic rams to machine slides, and valve stems to screw threads on precision equipment.

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Plant Maintenance and RefurbishmentPlant Maintenance

Our on-site capabilities include the maintenance of plant such as pumps, valves, mixers, hydraulic equipment and flange joints, together with the replacement of expansion joints and bellows. We also refurbish any model of industrial valve, pump, hydraulic cylinder or mechanical seal in our dedicated workshops, where each item receives the expert attention of skilled craftsmen and technicians.

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