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Giant forging presses, extrusion presses, furnaces, continuous casters, rolling mills… the largest steelworks and aluminium plants - these all rely on James Walker's proven track record as a leader in fluid sealing and associated technologies.

Our knowledge and experience of the metallurgical sector, coupled with a global presence and distribution network, enable us to solve sealing problems for plant operators, equipment manufacturers and maintenance contractors around the world.

We have long-term 'partnering' contracts for the supply of seals, packings and gaskets to two of the largest multi-national steel corporations. This service is backed with e-procurement systems that allow their engineers to specify, select and order fluid sealing items on-line from site, in the sure knowledge that their requirements will be swiftly and efficiently met.

James Walker's metallurgical industry specialists work in close harmony with engineers in the sector to develop new sealing products to meet the exacting demands of the hostile environment. Our enhanced materials and new sealing techniques are designed to improve value-in-service, cut plant downtime, and greatly improve plant operating costs.

MetallurgicalTypical products and services include...

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Radial Lip SealsRadial Lip Seals

Our Walkersele® range is highly proven for bearing protection on hot rolling mills. This is emphasised by the greatly extended sealing life of Walkersele Ultraglide when working at high speeds and temperatures in abrasive environments. In addition, Walkersele SpringSafe ensures that lip-energising springs are properly located at installation and cannot readily be dislodged to create secondary damage when a shaft or bearing runs beyond recommended operating limits.

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Hydraulic Sealing ProductsHydraulic Sealing Products

We have a worldwide reputation for heavy duty hydraulic packings on massive forging and extrusion presses. We also supply wipers for the heaviest hydraulic duties. Specifically designed to give you high Value-in-Service and savings on Cost of Ownership James Walker Fluolion® XT is our special high-performance material for hydraulic seals in metallurgical plant.

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Engineered Thermoplastic ComponentsEngineered Thermoplastic Components

Devlon® high-performance thermoplastic materials are well suited for use in rolling mills and their secondary processes.

They can be found in the roll shop in both hot and cold rolling mills for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

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NTRMS No-Twist Rod Mill SealsNTRMS No-Twist Rod Mill Seals

James Walker is able to supply seals for no-twist rod mills by all major OEMs and has supplied metal band retained seals for no-twist rod mills for over 25 years, working with OEMs to ensure the required levels of operational performance, accuracy and ease of fitting were achieved.

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Seal KitsSeal Kits

Bagged kits containing all the sealing products needed for the maintenance or refurbishment of a specific assembly are custom-produced.

These can be overprinted with the end user's own stockholding reference for ease of identification.

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Metallic Gaskets and Ring JointsMetallic Gaskets and Ring Joints

Metakamm® Kammprofile type gaskets and Metaflex® spiral wound are used in the metallurgical industry where temperatures, pressures, flow rates and vibration are beyond the capability of conventional flange jointings.

Likewise, Moorside® ring joints solve flange jointing problems on high pressure/temperature pipework.

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Gaskets and Sheet JointingsSheet Jointings and Custom Gaskets

We produce precision cut gaskets to any shape, size or quantity from any sheet material using CAD/CAM abrasive waterjet cutters or laser cutters.

In addition to our comprehensive range of compressed fibre jointings and high-temperature Supagraf® expanded graphite grades, we custom manufacture special Supagraf Furnasele gaskets for blast furnace duties, and composite rubber/metal gaskets for RH De-Gasser Vessels.

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Expansion Joints and BellowsExpansion Joints and Bellows

Comflex® composite expansion joints are extensively specified for duties on metallurgical plant such as air intakes, exhaust gas ducts and fans.

Our flexible bellows protect hydraulic rams on positioning cylinders working in aggressive environments.

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High performance Tube Test SealsHigh Performance Tube Test Seals

Our fully moulded polyurethane tube test seals are designed for the testing of thick-walled high pressure rated tubes.

Dual hardness seals give longer working life and improved extrusion resistance under adverse mechanical conditions.

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Compression PackingsCompression Packing

Many of our gland packings are recommended for pump, valve and static duties in the metallurgical sector, where they reduce stockholding requirements and give long-term service with aggressive media and abrasive slurries. Our most popular packings include Lionpak 2300, 3200, 2500, 2303 and 5200. Lionpak 9600 will seal the doors of steel annealing furnaces at 1000°C, and is braided from heat-resistant fibres that are non-hazardous to health.

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Tension Control BoltingBolting Technology

RotaBolt® stud and bolt tension monitoring systems are accurate to ±5%. These are used across all industry sectors where the failure of a bolted system could have serious health and safety, environmental or financial consequences.

RotaBolt tension control is recommended for structural, mechanical and flange tightening applications.

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Vibration-Attenuation ProductsAnti-Vibration, Isolating and Absorption Materials

Our Tiflex company specialises in the design and production of materials and components to isolate and absorb noise, vibration and heavy impacts. Its Tico® High-Duty materials and pads are typically used as buffers on slow counterblow hammers, anvil mats on forging hammers, spigot joints on press frames, etc. With pit installations, complete presses and hammers are isolated by mounting them on inertial blocks lined with Tiflex materials.

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Total Cost of Ownership programTotal Cost of Ownership program

Using a Total Cost of Ownership model is a proven method to optimise plant performance and efficiency with the aim of reducing the overall cost of factors associated with maintenance and reliability.

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