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NTRMS no‑twist rod mill seals

Metal band and innovative plastic band retained seals for no‑twist rod mills from any OEM at any size.

  • Metallurgical
  • Rotary equipment

We have supplied metal band retained seals for no-twist rod mills for over 25 years, working with OEMs to ensure the required levels of operational performance, accuracy and ease of fitting were achieved. We are able to supply seals for no-twist rod mills manufactured by all major OEMs and can provide seal materials suited to individual mill set up, water quality, running speed and operating temperatures that will optimise seal performance to match your mill maintenance schedules.

Through our detailed understanding of the work involved in the fitting of NTRM seals, we have developed a solution that reduces the effort and time required for seal replacement during maintenance. In some instances our innovative flexible retaining band allows gearbox seals to be rapidly replaced in-situ, but even when gearboxes are removed to the workshop for overhaul, the fact that these seals can be replaced and correctly aligned more easily and quickly than traditional metal band retained versions without the need for specialist tools, provides maintenance and operational benefits.

The key benefit behind our innovation is the use of a flexible alternative to the traditional metal retaining band. The band material has been developed to give optimum resistance to creep under typical rod mill operating conditions, including thermal cycling and media exposure, and has been subjected to intensive testing during the selection process to verify its performance under the harshest working conditions.

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