Custom sizes

We can swiftly produce any size of non-standard O-ring you need by using one of our three main manufacturing techniques.



Extruded & mould joined

Economical customised O-rings

  • Non-standard O-rings for static duties
  • Ends of extruded cord are vulcanised together in a mould to form an endless ring
  • 3mm minimum section diameter
  • From 200mm ID to unlimited maximum diameter
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Moulded & mould joined

For top quality giant seals

  • Section diameters are moulded to very close tolerances
  • Over 2.2m ID, smaller rings are precision moulded, then cut and mould joined together
  • Under 2.2m ID: a larger ring is precision moulded, cut back and mould joined
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O-rings for oil and gas duties

Vast range in general and RGD-resistant materials

  • Precision moulded in over 100 elastomer grades
  • International, national and industry standard rings
  • Many thousands of different types and sizes stocked
  • All popular sizes ex-stock in RGD-resistant materials
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Precision moulding

Our main method of O-ring production

  • Precision moulding of the highest integrity seals
  • Over 8000 tools in our inventory
  • Non-stocked tools made to your specification
  • Press capacity for endless rings to 2.2m diameter
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