Flange Management and Joint Integrity

Flange sealing improvement

The vital role of the flange gasket is too often overlooked.

Our on-site and workshop-based services are based on the vast technical expertise of James Walker companies in the selection, manufacture and supply of the optimum gasket products and flange sealing capabilities. Moreover, our protection devices are well-proven products that help extend the operational life and long-term sealing efficiency of bolted flange joints.


Flange protectors

Combat corrosion and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Protect studs, gaskets and flange faces from environmental corrosion.
  • Easliy fitted in minutes without splitting the flange.
  • Re-usable and cost effective.
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Gasket installation and flange refurbishment

On-site and workshop based services

  • Undertaken by skilled site teams
  • Backed by experienced fitters and machinists at dedicated workshops
  • Top quality gaskets expertly fitted to meet or exceed existing specifications
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Radolid® Caps

Easy-to-fit protectors for bolts & fasteners

  • Durable protection for bolts, bolt ends, nuts and screws.
  • Cost-effective way to improve fastener performance.
  • Increase product life and enhance safety.
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